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Minneapolis Gutters – Install Gutter Flashing

Today Stinson Gutters will inform you why gutter flashing is important for a quality gutter installation.

Why Install Gutter Flashing? | Minneapolis Gutters

  • Protect your home’s foundation from water. This is done by channeling the water from your roof to the downspouts using your gutters.
  • Carry water away using downspouts to keep your basement dry during Minnesota rain storms.
  • Keeps water from getting behind gutters and rotting your fascia and soffits.
  • Poor gutter contractors may skip gutter flashing leaving you with future problems that may cost more money.

Gutters Installed Without Flashing

Gutters without flashing are common with contractors that cut corners to save a few bucks. You’ll want to make sure your installer is a professional and willing to back up his work with a warranty.

Tips & Facts about gutters without flashing:Minneapolis Gutter Contractors

  • Water will leak behind your gutters if flashing isn’t installed. This may take a few years to develop but will eventually cause problems.
  • Rotting will occur to your fascia and soffit in a short amount of time. Adding to your future bills.
  • Craters alongside your home tend to be a good sign that your gutters aren’t flashed properly. You’ll want to make sure to get your flashing installed in the near future.

Gutters Installed With Flashing

The graphic depicts how gutter flashing will overlap the gutter and tuck underneath the roofing shingle to keep water from getting behind the gutters. The gutter flashing is a major part of a properly installed gutter system.

Tips & Facts about gutters with flashing:Gutter Installation MN

  • Every project should have gutter flashing installed to ensure proper drainage.
  • Licensed & Insured gutter contractors provide homeowners with workmanship warranties to back up their installation.
  • Take photos of the gutter flashing – Have gutter installer take a photo of the flashing installed on your project for proof.

How To Pick Your Gutter Installer | Minneapolis MN

Find the best gutter installer by:

  • Research your gutter installer via internet and other homeowners that used their service.
  • Low bids are NOT always the best choice for a gutter contractor. They may cut corners to get that price.
  • Ask questions about your gutter contractor and how they approach their gutter projects.
  • Location is key to finding a good installer for your home. Make sure they are licensed and insured in the state of Minnesota.


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