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Installing Rain Gutters – How we differ from our competition

Gutter companies aren’t the same. In fact most gutter installers are one to two guys who work out of their truck. This isn’t bad, but sometimes these installers can be hard to get in touch with throughout the project.  Other times these installers cut corners to get the job done fast, only to leave your home without a final inspection. Here at Stinson Gutter Contractors, we pride ourselves on great communication, tight scheduling and professional craftsmanship. Below are a few things we believe in that separate us from the rest! (Or take a look at our recent customer reviews!)

Communication is keyRain Gutter Installation Process

You can reach us throughout the day. We have a team of representatives who can answer questions and help you with your gutter project. We’re able to communicate by email and/or phone to keep you up-to-date on your gutter project.

Gutter Materials are top-notch

Our gutter crews use high-quality materials that we purchase through local vendors. We are able to pass the quality and trust we’ve found in our vendors on to our customers, ensuring all parties are happy. We use a high-grade aluminum for our seamless gutters with a premium paint. We are capable of supplying you with 5″ and 6″ K-style seamless rain gutters.

Gutter Installers are highly skilled

Our master gutter installer has 20 years of experience and guides our gutter crews to exceptional work. Our installers are hard-working and honest when it comes to hanging your gutters. Their skill allows them to provide your home with a fantastic-looking product that keeps water away from your foundation.

A few specialties include:Rain Gutter Installation Process

  • Using strip miters for corners to eliminate seams. By using the strip miter vs. box miter it decreases the number of seams in your gutter. Strip miters = 1 seam per corner, Box miters = 3 seams per corner.
  • Using Vulcum sealant for all of your corners. We feather the sealant using our fingertips to ensure a perfect seal on all corners of your home.
  • Installing custom downspout tip-ups with catch system for homeowners who enjoy keeping their lawn fresh and cut. Tip-ups allow for downspouts to be moved out of the way while you are mowing your lawn.
  • Punching downspouts through, eliminating build up around the downspout outlet used by many installers.
  • Using 1.5″ self-sealing screws to install Hang-Tite gutter fasteners every 2ft. These are screwed into fascia rather than the roof.
  • Helping determine if your home may have sustained damage that may lead to an insurance claim.

Customer Service is guaranteed

Again, we pride ourselves on communication, tight scheduling and quality craftsmanship. We contact our customers once projects are completed to see how they went. We’ll help answer questions and address any concerns regarding gutters or other home improvements. A gutter project isn’t complete without a project completion certificate signed by the homeowner. Communication is key to all projects and we pride ourselves on being there for our customers.


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