MN Gutter Protection – Free Gutter Cleaning!

Is the rainy weather giving your home a headache?

Stinson Gutter Contractors are offering a FREE GUTTER CLEANING with the purchase of any of our gutter protection systems! This lasts for the rest of summer.

How does this deal work?

  1. Sign up for a FREE CONSULTATION to determine what gutter products are best for your home.
  2. Get measured for the appropriate gutter protection system for your home and budget. Fits all k-style gutters.
  3. Accept proposal and get put on our schedule.
  4. Receive Free Gutter Cleaning along with your gutter leaf protection system.

What gutter protection products do we offer? (K-style Gutters Only)

  1. E-Z Lock Small Hole Gutter Screen – Wire mesh
  2. Leaf Relief Gutter Screen – Heavy duty screen
  3. LeaFree Gutter Cover – Hard-top cover

Gutter Protection Systems


Helpful hints in choosing a gutter protection system:

  • Cost – what are you willing to spend? Gutter protection runs from $2-$14 a linear foot. Find out your budget before researching.
  • Convenience – is it worth it to you to never clean your gutters again? Or are you still willing to scrap the leaves now-and-again?
  • Landscape – are you surrounded by large trees with thick amounts of leaves? Or is it smaller loads you’re trying to stop from clogging your gutter?

If you’re uncertain ask a professional gutter installer what their opinion is on gutter protection. They’ll have a better idea on what your home could use to combat the debris.

Where do I sign up?

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